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Australian Research Project Wireless Security


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As part of my research project study that is compulsory in South Australia.

Would be okay as some members of this forum be able to answer my survey to help me collect data for my write up.


The survey as above, there is no spam nor viruses or anything like that.

Please your time will be very appreciated.



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I would be more than happy? Will take a look at it later when I am at home.

Edit: You should write more questions in your survey, they are too basic.

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If I were you, I would ask questions that really tests how well the audience know about wireless security.

For example:

1) What encryption scheme would you use to secure your wireless effectively?


B: WPA2-Personal TKIP

C: WPA2-Personal AES

D: Or WPA2-Enterprise TKIP or AES

2) When choosing a passphrase for your wireless, how should it be implemented?

A: With dictionary words

B: With dictionary words and numbers

C: With numbers only

D: None of the above

E: Get them to write down how they think it should be implemented.

3) Why is it important to change your router's default username and password?

A: Get them to write it down.

4) Why MAC filtering is considered not effective in stopping intruders?

A: Get them to write down the answer or write a multiple choice if you know the answer.

Anyway, this is how I would've down my survey.

Let me know if you need any help.

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Cheers for that guys!

I have to also do it with my class, but yes I will try add in some of those questions. I have to try put it over in Lehman's terms for them

Seeing as they have absolutely no clue!

Anyway I could get in contact with Darren for an Interview?

Here is Darren's email address, if you haven't tried.


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