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problem with my site


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hay guys i got a major problem with my site, what happens is that when i type my domain name in the browser it dusnt work at all then when i do a clean boot it works it is definatly a windows service cause i didnt need 2 disable any of my apps. so i anyone out there knows what windows services.msc service 2 disable post it...


cheers gamerx.ath.cx (hakgipc.tk)

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ok since i dunno how to install apache i use abyss( i think its relly good)

everything is runny (abyss,mysql etc)

now when i try to visit my site from my browser it dosnt load up

but when i do it in safe mode it does

i think the prob is somewhere in windows servies

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No. No he doesn't. He's new and needs help. Banning is a LAST resort, not something you do when your bored, so please stop asking for people to be banned.


Please attempt to type, spell and use grammer correctly, otherwise you will get reponses like this. Its not hard, and just because this is the internet, it doesn't mean you can throw the rules of the english language out the window. And no, i don't care if your dyslexic, because so am I. Before you post, copy it into MS Word (don't have it, use Open Office) and hit F7. Otherwise you'll get more comments like this. The only way we have to judge you on the internet is the way you use language.

As for your server problems, have you tried looking at XAMMP? Worked out the box for me, no issues.

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