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Itt Tech Questions

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Why would that have any effect? ITT is not an accredited institution. Very few of their course credits are transferable.

Because even though ITT isn't accredited, the school I transferred to would accept credits from ITT as long as I showed them a syllabus.

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i am currently finishing my bachors at ITT-Tech, and i also have a masters from Michigan State (not in tech field) as for my expierence in any school, it is exactly what you put into it. i have never expected a school to teach me. i expect to learn. what i mean by this is that i will try to learn the subject matter taht is needed, i do not expect the teachers to force me to learn it. it does not matter what school i attend, in the end, i learn because i apply myself, the school i attend only provides the tools.

the people are correct on a few things thogh - ITT Tech credits are unlikly to trasfur to any other for-profit or private college, and ITT Tech is not the cheapest school you can choose. in the field though, a lot of buisness' look highly upon ITT Tech becuase of their targeted corriculum.

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Not sure about Itt Tech, but I am a Cisco Certified engineer and actually teach networking including CCNA, which is a very good fundamental networking course. As previously stated, schools and colleges often offer CCNA, MCSE and other networking qualification. It might be worth digging around and see whats available out there!!


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As a former student of ITT Tech, I'd like to weigh in and explain a few things that first time students often fail to realize - the point of gaining an education has less to do with the college or degree and more to do with your willingness and dedication to learn!!!

Anyone truly interested in Security ought to know this... information security is arguably the most difficult and most rewording field of study in the information world. It takes years to learn and even longer to master! Regardless of your choice of school or major, you'll learn little if you don't take the time to study the information on your own!

The trouble with most 'Security' related degree programs is that few exist, Information Security - as an industry - is still in its infancy and has only recently gained in popularity. Hell, few people today even understand what it truly means to be a hacker and fewer realize that most of the technology we enjoy today has come about thanks largely to the contributions of people like me and you.

For the sake of argument, if your truly interested in Information Security, forget any degree program that emphasizes Security and stick to programs that are going to give you a deeper level of understanding in information systems, programming/scripting, networking, etc. My greatest regret in attending ITT was the complete lack of programming that in my opinion is a major oversight!

The ugly truth regarding accreditation, is that most traditional schools/universities will not transfer credits unless the college/university is accredited through one of the six regional accreditation authorities. ITT, being Nationally Accredited, is held to a different set of standards - like comparing apples to oranges - most colleges/universities simply want to ensure that when they slap their name on your gold ticket to a better life, that you actually know what your talking about.

When it comes to tuition, ITT is expensive when compared to your local college/university, however, when you consider the fact that few of us can actually claim residency in the state were ITT was originally founded, the cost of tuition becomes far more competitive than you might have otherwise thought; when you consider what most schools are charging their non-resident students, things start to make a lot more sense.

To be fair, knowing what I know now, and given the chance to do it all over again, I'd have chosen another, less expensive route. However, this decision has less to do with my experience at ITT and more to do with my choice of major. My suggestion, look at your local university and see what they offer, compare the programs side-by-side and see which one is you think is better suited to your intended field.

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This thread is old... but I will say my part.

Any classroom experience is worth its time as long as you have the drive and enthusiasm to do so. I do believe, personally, that a lot of colleges now a days are little more than ponzi schemes. If you want the possibility of transfering credits to extend you education; then do so with a Community College... not a trade school (if you can call it that).

To anyone who is concerned with ITT Tech... check out there fiscal reports.

Kevin M. Modany $ 788,250


Daniel M. Fitzpatrick $335,320

Clark D. Elwood $ 330,270

Eugene W. Feichtner $ 305,525

June M. McCormack $ 272,700


Those are the big wigs of ITT Tech. Similar salaries to major University Presidents. But, when you ask yourself what looks better on a resume? Would you rather say something like U of M than ITT Tech?

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Well some of these post are a bit late but lets ignore that for the moment. When I first started this journey I was wondering "what have I got myself into" but now that I'm a few months from graduating I'm seeing that it was worth it. I'm now working for ITT as a federal work study as assist system support tech for the school, my resume looks allot better than when I started and I have had many hours of hands on experience. Tearing a lab apart and upgrading the computer, working with active directory on a daily basis at times, working on the server (with supervision) to trouble shoot virtual machines I have done allot. Does that mean I'm a wizard at this, NO!!! It just means that compared to rest of the students I have more hands on experience and not afraid to use that experience.

I have allot more work ahead of me but this had made things much easier.

(P.S. Forum admin please lock this, it is no longer need. thank you :) )

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