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Another Zipit Thread :-)


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So, I got to thinking. . . Never a good thing :huh:

ALL of the zipit OSs are desktop focused. Every single one of them. I mean no disrespect to the devs (they worked very hard with their projects and deserve utmost respect) but, I have an idea for a better desktop environment. The problem is, I don't know how to actually code it. Here's the basic layout:


I have a basic understanding of Python and a VERY Windows style BASIC, but not VB. It's justBASIC. On Ubuntuforums.org, I got some python written DEs but they were mostly terminal and curses based. Does anyone have any ideas on where I need to start, to put this project together?

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The easy way would be to just make an app that looks as you've designed and run it over top of the operating system... Similar to how ubuntu netbook remix runs.... of course the better way of doing it would of course be to build the gui from the ground up, good luck finding someone to do it though.

How would I go about doing it?

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