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i recently purchased a wifi pineapple from this site (the router is a Accton (Fonera) MR3201A) and pretty much bricked it with a corrupt DHCP config. i found out you could access it and SSH in via a serial connection, and due to the fact i had never done any soldering or wire work before, i decided to buy a cable online.

i did some research and found this cable online, which i bought.(ive also attached the image of it)


It says it is "LV-TTL I/O voltage level" so it should be fine to connect and access via serial on my computer, but so far i have had no luck.

I am still confused as to what each color wire (black, red, white and green) does, as all the documentation i have read refer to other coloured wires. I just want to check if this cable *should* work with the router as a serial connection, and if so, does anyone have any advice as to which wires is what (eg Rx, Tx

and Gnd) ?



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