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Umm very nice, now I can hide all my porn files collections.

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Love those things. . . :D But they're too light. If someone was paying attention, they would know it was fake. Do you remember in HS, when people would try to give you an empty soda can or an empty gum wrapper? I don't know about you, but I was always able to tell if it was fake. People hold lighter things differently than they do heavier ones. For one, a full coke can will usually be more influenced by gravity than an empty one. It will always be pulled to the ground. Most people mess up and wave it around like it's a stick, or they hold it like it's light as a feather. The fake gum is pretty much the same. Plus, I'd hate to actually give a cashier my adult video collection (don't have one, but if I did) instead of the money.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE EM. They're just too risky for my tastes. If I used them, I'd place them up on a shelf somewhere in a display case and make people think they were really important, so they wouldn't ask to see them. Something like, hey those were a gift from my girlfriend who passed away in high school, and make up some story about them.

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