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N00b Help! Wifi Pinapple V2 Setup

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Ok guys, I might not be the most clever here.. that's why I ask you for help.

I've bought the Wifi Pineapple v2 at Defcon today and have brought it back home now. I have a Macbook air running OSX Lion.

If I connect the Pineapple to my mac's LAN port I can access it and start stuff like KARMA.

Now, how do I get my Macbook air's internet connection forwarded to the Pineapple? So others that are nearby connects to my pineapple and access internet through it? I've read many of the internet connection sharing threads but they don't make me any smarter. Do I need another Wi-Fi dongle to be able to get the clients who connect to the Pineapple an Internet connection? Or can they just use the one my Macbook Air uses? Like sharing it to the pineapple?

I haven't ssh'd into the pineapple, it configured as when I bought it.

I also have windows 7 running in vmware on this Macbook Air if that is easier to work with.

Thanks in advance from a n00b who needs some first time help to get running.


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