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Strange Networking Problems With Jasager

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So, I just got Jasager installed on my Fon 2100 using the Jasager firmware available on digininja's site. I have Jasager up and running without difficulties when I've got my Fon connected to my laptop running Ubuntu 10.04. Under Ubuntu, I've set eth0 to with a netmask of, leaving the default gateway blank. I've got the Fon assigned to the ip, netmask, and a default gateway of, the ip assigned to eth0. I then bridge eth0 to wlan0 using iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j REDIRECT. Using this setup, everything works perfectly. I can ping my gateway (, and any internet server I want to. However, if I boot the same laptop into Win XP SP3 and try to use Jasager by bridging my ethernet adapter to my Backtrack 4 virtual machine in a manner similar to that described in the stickied setup guide, things break. With the exact same settings on my ethernet adapter and absolutely no changes made to the Fon's settings, I can no longer ping the gateway or get to the Internet when logging in to the Fon using ssh, and the victim machines also cannot ping the gateway or the Internet. I've disabled my AV software/firewall when I'm doing this, so I don't think that's the problem. Anyone know what might be causing the issue?

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How I would do it, is setup the BT5 VM with just 2 normal LAN interfaces. But use one of the interfaces as a "Bridge" mode in the settings to supply it internet.

Even then the setup may not work properly.

I've also tried setting up ICS under XP and going that route as described by the Wiki, but I still end up not being able to ping my gateway, so I think the issue I'm having is related to my network setup or some setting I'm missing in XP.

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