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How Has Computer Security Changed In The Last 10 Years?

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I am wondering how computer security is different to say 10 or 5 years ago. I am not talking about the days of X.25 networks but a bit more recently. Obviously the popularity of wifi is new.

But - for the people who have been around for a few years - what are the big differences to say 2000 or 2005?


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A number of things... Focus has moved from just infrastructure and reliability but is now infrastructure and well thought out security integrated into the infrastructure for maximum performance and security. IE take janky win2k and compare it to win2k8R2. Kinda insane...

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I don't think there has been much changes in the computer security. Most of the attacks we see nowadays, are exploitation, malware infection, phishing attacks which is part of social engineering and Distributed Dos Attacks.

But the big culprit for all these, is the human link.

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