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Help! Please! Something wrong with my Computer maybe a Virus

Mr Andrewson

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That is what the process list looks like while i'm using the computer. I don't need any of the user run processes except explorer.exe for the computer to be usable. (Don't you love how I replaced the user name? :P)


I never worked out if you acntualy have to have the nVidia service running, I will do at some point. I also don't need the VMware NAT service... but I'm running VMware.. so I do need it for now. I could disable a few other services, such as themes and print spooler but then windows would look crap, and I would have to renable print spooler every time I wanted to print.

Edit: You do initily need the nvidia service to initialise the gaphics card, how ever, after it's finished working you can stop it.

Edit2: Actualy, I do need one more process then explorer.exe and thats kpf4gui.exe simpley becasue when ever you kill it (thats the frount end for kerio) kerio automaticly starets it again.

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