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Real-world Jasager?

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It is clear there are a number of limitations to Jasager (such as clients that require encryption will never receive an IP from the Pineapple).

Even with clients that are searching for "open" networks it seems that a number of factors need to work in order to have any success.

I have a very simple question:

Is the Jasager a Proof Of Concept or is it something that people reading this have actually had real-world success with? For example: clients connect to the Jasager (assuming they are connected to their desired network) and people enter their webmail login details?


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You need to find a good spot to do it. For example a local coffee shop, where everyone is looking for an open network (simply changing the default ssid of the pineapple to the coffeeshops net might even be enough to get people hitting your pages).

You shouldn't have to set the SSID, the whole point of jasager is to be ALL open SSID's.

anyone know if any of these limitations are being worked on to be fixed?

What limitations are you talking about? I think you are not getting it...

Depending on the client, it may lower it's security down to open. There is no way to associate encryption because the Jasager does not know the password for said encryption. You are living in a fantasy world if you think that can be emulated without knowledge of the actual key. And it is unthinkable to walk around with a 30 TB hard drive with lists of every known combination for said encryptions.

All in all it is a very SIMPLE process. You teather the jasager to your laptop, connect laptop to an internet source, you are in the middle of them and the internet. You control the traffic flow and can modify it on the fly.

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You shouldn't have to set the SSID, the whole point of jasager is to be ALL open SSID's.

True, I was thinking that doing so would allow you to get people who never associated with and remembered the coffeeshops net, but if you are sitting right there with the other customers, the fon should out power the coffee net anyways so once they connected and remembered, the fon would then let jasager do its thing right?

Plus changing it manually IS lame... :P

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