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Gpu Liquid Cooling


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So I am buying some parts from Swiftech to liquid cool my entire system (processor + 2x ATI Radeon 5870's) and I have had an order at Swiftech for close to 6 weeks now. Unfortunately, they do not know when they will get any more of their Komodo HD 5800 full vga blocks, so if they don't come in a week, I will have to cancel and go with some other block. I've heard of Danger Den, Koolance, and EK, and have read alot about each brand, but how would they stack up when it comes to

1. cooling my cards?

2. crossfire configuration?

3. adapting to the swiftech system?

EK has a huge selection for my card, and they seem to be made out of different metals, and sold for different prices. Is that just for looks or does it have a clear performance boost over another card? And the back plates are something I only see being sold with EK. Is it really needed? what will it do for my system?


Danger Den has the smallest full gpu block, but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't perform as well. Or does it?


Koolance has one too. Really shiny, and pretty big.


So can anybody help guide me in the right direction here?

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Look into these brands, I've used them before never had any issues.



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do you recommend any one over the other? A lot of people have been saying EK is the best, but they have been having problems with their electroplating... how was your experience with them?

I've never used them before, so I can't comment on them sorry.

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