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Powering The Pineapple Through Usb

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Got my pineapple WiFi to day, but the battery pack was busted on delivery, so to be independent on the power adapter while I am waiting on the replacement, I created this.

It works and the pineapple boots up perfectly, but the question is:

Do I understand correctly when I think the max amperage of the USB power is 500mA (for USB 2) and the pineapple drains 800mA? and has this the potential to brick my gadgets/kill my usb/kill my power supply/ blow up the pineapple/ call the mothership?


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500mA is the theoretical max, but motherboard manufacturers usually allow higher currents so people can charge their ipods faster :P

Assuming your are using a modern PC with no defects in USB implementation, the worst case is that the voltage will drop due to overcurrent and the fonera will crash or restart.

One other thing to keep in mind is that you should use wires thick enough for the current draw, and USB wires are usually very thin, so watch out.

Refer to this: http://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm

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Thanks for the input.

had the pineapple hooked up to my laptop overnight now, and nothing bad happened :)

so I created me a better looking version, without duckt tape and a real battery plug, and not something butchered from an old power adapter for NES :P

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