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Multiple Winpe Image Options

The Sorrow

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Ive been trying to use the multipass to boot multiple Windows PE images. We use 32 and 64 versions of windows 7 (GM requires 32-bit for shop PCs and we have a lot of non 64-bit boxes as well). Is it possible? my current filesystem looks like this


menu.lst looks like this

title Windows PE 64-bit
chainloader /WinPE64/boot/bootmgr

title Windows PE 32-bit
chainloader /WinPE32/boot/bootmgr

Can this even be done? cause im getting an error during PE bootup that says it cant find Boot/BCD. This i assume is because its in a subdirectory. Any takers?


I just took a 32-bit version out of the sub directory and it works like a charm. still looking to see if its possible to boot 2 winPE images on one USB


Essentially came to the conclusion that the two PE images need to be on separate partitions. Gonna make PE-32 a redhead stepchild in its own partition

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No, two PE images don't require separate partitions.

You must have /boot/bcd /EFI and /bootmgr. Place your PE .wim files somewhere on the drive (I just keep all three of mine in /sources and name them differently. Some .wim files have two parts - such as my win7 universal installer. DON'T rename the install.wim!)

Download EasyBCD.

Open it and click file>select BCD store, point this to /boot/bcd on your multipass

Now you are able to add all of your .wim images to the bcd menu, via "Add new entry" and selecting "WinPE" under "Portable/External Media". Just point each entry to a .wim file. I've currently got three different PE images and one extracted XP OS all booting from my bcd store, which I'm chainloading from grub legacy (via chainloader /bootmgr)

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tut16 seems unnecessary . i am using the method mentioned by vorian , the only problem is that when i copy the :-boot,sources,bootmgr folder to the flash disc .i get an error for every wim entry until i use EasyBCD to delete and add some wim entry . i am using the following menu.lst

title Windows 7 PE-Recovery-Installation

root (hd0,0)

chainloader (hd0,0)/bootmgr

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