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Ngrep Stdout Problem?


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After a bunch of Googleing, I think I am the only one writing about this problem. [probably not]

I'm on Windows, so maybe its not a prob for Linux users, but I cannot get anything to read the stdout of ngrep.

I tried piping it to grep, & tried writing a program to read from stdout. Neither worked.

Example of no pipe:

C:\Users\RandomClown>ngrep -lq -d 2 chat

interface: \Device\NPF_{2FB734B8-ABFC-4779-A9DF-CD35123692B0} (
match: chat

T -> [AP]
  ...?.C...o.......crowd.chat......p...testing.. ...Randomclownx.

If I pipe the results to anything, I get nothing. Example of searching for the letter "a":

C:\Users\RandomClown>ngrep -lq -d 2 chat | grep a

That should at least show the interface device line.

I am confused to why I cant read from stdout

Anyone know about this prob?

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