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Dreamcast Dial-up Linux Sever


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Ok i know this is a weird place to post this but i know most people here know more about linux then i do

but anyways im trying to setup a dial-up sever for my dreamcast because a bba is like $200 (can't afford it)

plus im trying to play quake 3 online with my dreamcast now i followed this guide here here. Now when i try to run the mgetty command

sudo mgetty -D /dev/ttyUSB0 -m '"" ATM0'

it asks for my root password then nothing happends

when i try the killall command

sudo killall -USR1 mgetty

its saying that mgetty is not running

i would buy a dreamcast for someone to test this out if anyone wants to try this i know i followed the guide right

oh and im on ubuntu 8.10 (old yes but thats what this guide is based off of)

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