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Durress Password Or Hotkey

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Does anyone know of a solution for Mac OS X or Windows where entering a password wrong 'X' number of times or entering a duress password wipes certain files? I have a client looking for a solution that does this but the only thing I can find is LAlarm which can wipe files if the windows login is entered wrong.

All I need it to do is wipe out a few TC volumes (1-5 GB) with either all zeros or NSA-7 wipe ( I know one wipe is enough so it doens't really matter if it is just zeros). The HDD is also encrypted with PGP WDE. I am hopping for the duress password solution but I have yet to find anything.



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If they are that scared about people access their files, look into an Iron Key. Not sure what sizes your client would need, but they are USB thumb-drives that encrypt the data, and pretty sure will erase them after so many failed login attempts.



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