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Fon 2200 Router - Wiring Scheme Needed

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Hi everyone,

I just found my way down to this dungeon ;-)

I searched the web before but I was not able to find anything of help to my problem.

It would be great, if anyone of you could send me a .pdf of the wiring scheme of the "La Fonera+", iirc that is a Fon2200 Router.

If you do not have any, I would totally appreciate, if you could tell me what the element marked as "U907" on the circuit board is.

The reason for all this is, that I built my own battery pack for my fonera and accidentally switched the polarity. Because the manufacturer is a cheapskate he did not use a normal fuse or anything like that but a simple resistance. This killed the component mentioned above quite profoundly (I can send you pics if you want to ;-)).

Anyway, thank you very very much for the time you spent on reading this post!

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It's the voltage regulator.

High res pictures of the board: http://www.dearhoney.idv.tw/gallery/displayimage.php?album=4&pos=1

Unfortunately the marking "7d545 1412d" does not come up with any datasheets.

If you are lucky, and it's the only thing that was damaged, you can bypass the regulator entirely - find/build a 3,3V (exactly 3,3V!) power supply and apply the voltage directly to the pins near the serial port (double check the polarity this time :P).

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Hi Mr-Protocol,

thanks for your time. As I mentioned before, I was not able to find anything of help, maybe I didn't search for the right keywords. I'll try again with the FCCID you mentioned.

Hi Emeryth,

Thanks, I will take this info to my "tech support" guy ;-) He knows better than me about hardware stuff....

And yes, if I toy around anymore with this I will be careful. This a experience you make exactly two times if you're clever. The first and the last time ;-)



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