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After years of sticking to my trusty Nokia I have finally succumbed and got myself an Android phone -the Samsung Galaxy S2 to be exact - dual core and pretty nifty. However I am totally at sea with all the terminology and am looking for a basic tutorial or article somewhere on how to use the android etc. I mean what is a home screen - why does my phone have seven of them, whats the diff betwwen a widget and an app? We're talking real newb stuff here!!!!!

However I have got appinventor. the sdk and eclipse on my pc and am half way through developing an app !So far am oly testing in the emulator as the driver I have the phone does not seem to be recognised by the AI blocks editor

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good luck the online google sdk documentation is pretty comprehensive but i hate java soooo much :(

You've probably never been been taught Java properly.

And if you still don't like Java after learning the right way to use it, you still have the option to use Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Jython, JRuby or any JVM language instead.

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