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Bios Flash Cd?


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I found an old Dell laying around the PC repair shop I work in. It didn't have a HDD so I stuck one in and installed Ubuntu on it. Unfortunately the bios can't comprehend the size of the HDD(come on, its only 40GB). I found a bios update for it on the Dell website, but it requires Windows to install it. I found some solutions online, bu most of them make a DOS based disk. DOS wont run the update. I haven't tried a Bart disk yet, but if that doesn't work does anyone have any ideas?

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Generally, to flash the bios, you boot off a floppy, or pen drive. Its possible to do with a cdrom, but you have to make a bootable cd, usually with something like win98 boot files on it and the dos utility to flash the bios. Easiest way is probably install windows, flash it from within windows, then install linux. That is of course, if the machine allows flashing from within windows. You could try wine under linux, but I wouldn't recommend that, just because I have no idea if it would work properly. If you have an old floppy drive and disks laying around, might be easier to just make the floppy and copy the files to it from within linux. Format it via linux and then put the files on there from wherever you downloaded them from, then boot off it and flash the sucker. Also, the boot screne will probably tell you what keys to press to flash it when doing from floppy. If it doesn't, you need to google for them as well, as I don't think just a standard boot off the floppy will give you access to the cmos without it.

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