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Jasager Connection Problems

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I know this has been posted a bit, but from each one that I've followed it hasn't fixed my problem. There are also way too many tutorials to keep track of what's right and what's wrong anymore. One hell of a mess. The wiki seems to be down, so maybe someone can help me out.

I followed the initial guide of flashing with the ap51 tool as seen on the video. Everything works as far as DHCP at the end. My issue is with Windows XP and internet connecting through. For some reason, when I hook up the Fon through my ethernet and connect wirelessly to my normal AP, I lose connection through the Fon and occasionally through the wireless as well. I attempted enabling ICS, however that did not help. It seems that ICS (from reading on another forum topic) is using the address. I don't understand how I am supposed to connect the Fon through. I attempted changing the Fon's address to that subnet range with no success. Should I change the Fon's address to I've tried changing it around so much that I must have had to flash the device at least 4 or 5 times. Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks so much for the quick reply.

Try a crossover cable when hooking up your laptop and Jasager together.

Jasager should NOT be in the same subnet as your internet source router.

I'm sorry but... a crossover cable? This is a physical cable of some sort? As of now I have the Fon connected through the laptop via ethernet.

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