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Somebody Have Recommendations For Wifi<->ethernet Bridge And Omni/180 Directional Antennas?

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Just wondered if somebody have any recommendations for an antenna (omni or 180 degrees directional) that is compatible with the Jasager, my goal is offcourse to beef up the range.

Also wondered if somebody have any recommendations for a wifi<->ethernet bridge that is compatible with the Jasager? the bridge should be lightweight so it could be hidden in a laptop bag, preferably get it's power from battery or from laptop USB port, the goal is to let the jasager connect to any or specified open wifi, and route the incoming traffic to the connected network, allowing any connected clients internet access through the open wifi network that the jasager is connected to.

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You can plug the jasager/pineapple directly into an router, but you wont be MITM unless you put yourself in the middle somehow.

As far as antenna, any RP-SMA (Sometimes just called SMA) connector 2.4 GHz wifi antenna will work.

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