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Question About Pineapple Battery Pack?

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Hello, I recently decided to try building my own pineapple, as buying a premade one just doesn't fulfill my techno-lust. I have been forum searching quite a bit to try to pick up some tips and tricks. First, is the FON 2100 the best choice? There's some talk about using Openmesh, and the Pineapple V2 is an open mesh, isn't it? I have heard internal memory can be an issue with pineapples, apparently the Fon 2100 i was looking at has been upgraded from 16Mb to 32 Mb. What is the general consensus on this memory, is that sufficient? Is there another router i should consider modding? and the biggest question...i am not very talented with general electronics *a soldering iron* I found the post where Darren says the power pack for the pineapples are Digikey parts SC1051-ND and SBH-341AS-ND, would it be possible to get a more in depth explanation on how to attach these parts to the router? There's not many pics of the parts, and I just wanted some advice before i made assumptions. Thanks in advance to anyone who is helpful!

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All of your questions have been answered around the forums. Please search.

In regards to your soldering iron skills. the battery power isn't hard to do. Just have to make sure your positive and negative wires are in the correct spot and plug it in. If you can hook up a car battery, you should be able to do that.

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