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Remastering A Backtrack5 Distro


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Like BT5, added some stuff(like nvidia drivers), want to make a new live usb.

Tried remastersys from here:


Boots into command line with


I used to be root#

What happened?

tried login root and got

Cannot possibly login as root without user

So, I asked the author of remastersys what's up and he said:

The backtrack folks must do something different than ubuntu. When you remaster, you are remastering like ubuntu and it appears the backtrack devs do something different.

The ubuntu live scripts called casper basically disable the root account during live boot.

If you can find out from the backtrack folks what they have done differently I might be able to do something about it.

Anyway, I ran remastersys again and tried changing these options:

user=/root (instead of the default, 'custom')

still results in booting into 'postgres@postgres'


still results in booting into 'postgres@postgres' but now there is a root folder inside the home folder

On the bright side, the folder exclusion option works well. just be sure to empty the trash before beginning a backup because that can really swell the iso.

So, is there any way to rebuild a copy of BT5 after I've modded it?

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Why not just get a large (16+) GB flash drive and just install it to the flash drive?

i guess i dont really understand how the remastering process works. i thought it created a ram disk and so limits a lot activity to ram-reducing wear and tear on the flash disk (they only have a limited umber of cycles)

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