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Problwm In Editing Rfcomm.conf In Ubuntu 10.4

Suren white hat

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ii am trying to edit the the Rfcomm.conf which is in the home/etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf to place my Bluetooth MAC address and Channel and turning on my Binding Option as "YES" But i cannot edit my Rfcomm file once am able to do this Successfully ..i can start addding my own scripts in /etc/ppp/peers To creat a Coonnection Manually for my phone via Blutooth , i tried installing blueman using ""sudo apt-get install blueman" it says error..Could not able to find the Package in my ext2 or root file system ...and i am not connected to internet either in my ubuntu..10.4 ...!! So any ideas to add or edit the rfomm using the gedit ? am not able to edit coz i did not logged in as root ..is this the reason for it ?? if it is yes how can i login as root to edit the rfcomm file

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