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How To Enable The Right Click Disabled Web Pages

Suren white hat

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So i am assuming this tip for enable the The RIGHT Click Disabled Pages in IE,

Click "Tools"->"Internet Options"

Click the "Security" tab

Click "Custom Level"

Scroll down to the "Scripting" section

Set "Active Scripting" to "disable"

Click "Ok" a couple of times.

So is there any tips to do it on firefox , i want to enable thhe Right click is some websites, i kno there is some scripts that doesnt allow me to do it , I tried Disabling the Javascript in Firefox , then there is some pop up message saying , Enable the Javascript in ur browser , am now am using "SCREENGRAB" Plugin to capture the Complete webpage as PNG and it takes 1.5mb per single page, takes more memory , then i resizie it in a Paint to store as JPEG With low memory file , so anybody got tip fr Enabling the Disabled Right Click in some web pages

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Duplicated thread, please refer to this instead


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