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Jasager / Karma With Hostapd Rather Than Madwifi

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I'm using an OpenWRT router and looking to install karma (or jasager) on it. The WIFI chipset uses ath9k, which from what I can tell, replaces madwifi so jasager won't work, and neither will the karma that is pre-packaged at downloads.openwrt.com as it also depends on madwifi.

I've looked on http://www.digininja.org/karma/ and there's an update that specifically fixes this issue by instead patching hostapd. I've already downloaded the "patched" sources, but I'm not sure what to compile as there's no makefile and build_release seems to be trying to make a windows binary.

Are there any OpenWRT packages for this available, or does anyone know how to build karma for OpenWRT?


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airbase-ng can accept all probes and reply to them.. if you have room to install it

I only have about 380kb left so I guess not, I'll hopefully try a USB mod later this week for some more space.

What's the real difference between karma/hostapd and airbase-ng, would I be correct in assuming hostapd is a more feature-complete, stable host access point while airbase-ng "fakes" an access point?

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I've not tried getting the patched hostap working in openWrt but to do it you'd need to create an OpenWrt build system and mod the patch so it took into consideration any other patches they were applying first.

Not an easy intro to OpenWrt package building.

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