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Proof Of Thrifty Concept: I Built A Website On My Ipad And Host It In My Dropbox For Free

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I am an avid watcher of the show but this is the first time stopping by the forums. I live in a Russian Martial Art school but if I close my office door and put ear plugs in I can get enough silence to spend some quality time coding while the would-be Spetznaz are making a ruckus! I'm more of a life/social hacker than a systems hacker but having deep system knowledge (espescially Web) is useful to get stuff for free. That's why I ADORE Hak5. I enjoyed Shannon's cloud storage securing tips this week but so far I only use Dropbox to sync PDFs and code libraries on all my devices. When I discovered Promt for the iPad I finally decided to set things up so I could REALLY develop from my iPad (like when I am in bed and I have an idea and I'm too lazy to walk all the frickin' way to my office) AND maintain my apps and have Apache running offline when there's no WiFi (like on the commuter train which I have to endure 4-5 hours of each week). It worked and I did it all using free/lite apps and free service tiers. The free website aspect of this is limited but as I said for me it is to do interface/usability testing with clients.


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