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Dhcp Server Domain Dame

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I am using jasagerPwn for its extreme convenience and I am having trouble getting internet to work through my pineapple. In order to change as little of the script as possible, I set my pineapple IP/subnet to those suggested (hardcoded) in the script.

I believe the source of my trouble lies in DHCP settings.

I have a vague concept of the

DomainName = "networking.com"

On my home network, I can find this easily (its some domain that relates specifically to my ISP). My pineapple provides internet at home just fine.

However, on other networks, that domain name is simply missing. I've tried leaving the field blank "" and also deleting

option domain-name

from the dhcp configuration.

Is that right? I looked up solutions such as a global one similar to google's dns server but couldn't find one.

Also, the domain name server option confuses me.

I can find the DNS of the wireless network I'm on quite easily, but I see the script leaves the DNS server as the pineapple's IP. How does that work?

Lastly, just some curiosity, what is a dyndns? I saw its a company? Is it important?

Thanks for any help!


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