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Iphone Batman Utility Kit


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Hi everyone at Hak5,

I recently got an iPhone and I found its lack of IT resources astonishing. Even on Cydia there are very few "Nerd tools" worth my time. After a while I found some fun apps like Wififofum, an openSSH package, and a fully featured GCC package. So I was wandering what you think the best iPhone IT utilities are ? Also - unrelated - does anyone know how to set up a wifi honeypot on an iPhone? Can it even be done?



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I've heard Metasploit runs on iPhone. Not great but it'll run.

I usually carry a couple SSH,VNC,RDP clients. Easily found in the AppStore.

"Veency" is a pretty good VNC server for the iPhone.

There are a couple of pretty decent Network Scanners in the AppStore that can map out printers and various NICs.

Pirni is a pretty good "packet capturing"-software that runs natively on the iPhone. However, when analyzing the packets I would recommend a computer. :-)

Hope it helps!

/ gEEEk

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