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  1. 1. Which framework do you prefer ?

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Hey everybody,

I'm was curious what you guys on the forum use or prefer.

I'm currently using CakePHP to setup a project. But I have the feeling it slow.

I didn't tested the site only at the moment, still developing in a VM at the moment.

Like to here what you guys think, use, have experience with.

Pro's and Con's that you have with a framework

looking forward to the comment (or not :))

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I've worked on a few large scale projects within CakePHP, I wouldn't classify myself as an expert but It definitely cuts development times. Like most MVC frameworks :) I like that it follows PEAR standards.

I Work with raw PHP, Drupal and CakePHP generally.

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I have yet to start using a Framework. I switched from ASP to PHP in 2004ish when I refused to get on the .NET bandwagon. I finagled my way into a big business who hired me as a programmer when I had never held that title before. Unfortunately they were only flirting with Symfony and not as organized as I would have hoped. But it was good for me to be in an environment with some framework and code management (Being surrounded by nerds all day was worth the considerable pay cut!) I will PAY or offer equal consideration to someone to teaches me to use CakePHP or Symfony. I'm in Montreal and have a Washington DC phone number or Skype.

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