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Wifi Card For De-auth Attack

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Hey guys, I haven't been able to find a vendor for the alfa usb dongles in Europe, and i was wondering if there were any other good wifi cards for airdrop-ng ou there that you guys would know about. If not then have you any advise to how i could find one? I understand that it needs to have monitor mode and be capable of packet injection, but how would i go about finding one of those? If anyone helps me out i would be very gratefull ^^

P.s. i live in Denmark so if i can't get it shipped there never mind.

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Alfa is not your only choice either, with the release of backtrack 5 many other wifi cards are now supported by default. Including the majority of broadcom cards and netgear wg111's.

Check the BackTrack 5 "Hardware compatibility" forum for more information: http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forums/backtrack-5-hardware-compatibility-list/

Another place to look for compatible cards of course would be: http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=compatible_cards

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