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Reverse Sha-512 Hash


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I think because of the hash creation process taking many variables, and the fact that you won't know how many times the phrase was hashed in rounds, as well as the salt used, its pretty much impossible without a brute force attack of plain text phrases being fed to the program doing the authentication. To get an idea of the possibilities, take a look at this site: http://blog.ricky-stevens.com/php-sha512-password-hashing/

You can have so many variables in place for creating the hash, between the number of rounds, and the randomness of the salt, you would need to know those two factors first before generating your tables to match that specific sites hashing configuration and the tables would only work in the instance in which you knew the salt phrase as well as the number of rounds it was hashed. It would be quicker to throw every word or phrase you can at the login/authentication process itself, until something on your list worked and let you in.

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You can use Hashcat to crack Sha-256 and Sha-512. Though you will need a Nvidia graphics card that supports CUDA architecture.


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