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How Do I Setup A Scalable Storage Solution


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I am setting up a small backup solution for some of my clients. I was wanting to build a cluster of linux servers to use for the backup. I was wondering if there is already a solution (free) already built for this. I want to be able to just add storage as needed and not worry about having to configure a million things to add it. I was hoping that there would already be a program built for linux for cloud backup solutions. Any ideas?

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Take a look atGluster FS

I tried it just before they made a commercial site for the product, at the time very easy to setup.

It has a webinterface to add new nodes, add space .......

Now I saw you have to download the source code first and compile it but that's not such a big deal.

If you want I have a vm laying here some, just let me now if you want to give it a try.

You can use rsync to make a script to backup everything in linux. it's very easy.

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