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Getting Cewl To Work In Backtrack 5 Gnome


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I think cewl is an awesome tool, and it comes with backtrack 5; however, it doesn't work. Apparently, it needs the ruby-gems. In past releases I've used this guide to get cewl to work http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forums/backtrack-howtos/27991-installing-cewl-backtrack4.html, but it doesn't seem to work with backtrack 5. If any one has managed to get cewl working under backtrack 5, post a quit how to / tutorial.


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Not sure if you saw this link, but going to post it in here anyway


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I need to get round to sorting it out, I think it is because they use ruby 1.9 and it currently only works with 1.8. I'll sort something and get it over to the devs.

Temporary fix is to use rvm to drop back to 1.8 and run it from there.

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I think I've got it working, wasn't my code after all it was the Spider gem I was using.

Can you give this a go and see how well it works, you should be able to just drop it in the same directory as your existing cewl and run it from there.

Download CeWL

This version has some extra bits in I was playing with a while ago so may create slightly different word lists to the previous version. If it works ok in 1.9 then I'll finish that off and put out a full new version. I'll chat to the BT guys and get the repo updated when I do.

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Didnt seem to work for me..

Just dropped in in directory as you suggested. Didnt try anything else.



That was a bit of a brief post done late ;) to elaborate ;

> Running BT5 KDE 32bit

> Downloaded the cewl_1.9.1.rb file

> Dropped file in '/pentest/passwords/cewl/' directory

when running got error ;

root@bt:/pentest/passwords/cewl# ./cewl_1.9.1.rb

./cewl_1.9.1.rb:61:in `require': no such file to load -- spider (LoadError)

from ./cewl_1.9.1.rb:61:in `<main>'

Edited by TAPE
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Looks like they don't have the gems installed by default.

A quick answer is to create a file called Gemfile in the cewl directory and put the following contents in:

source :rubygems
gem 'spider'
gem 'mime-types'
gem 'zip'
gem 'mini_exiftool'
gem 'http_configuration'

Then install the bundle gem with

gem install bundle

Then finally just run bundle. That should install all the required gems.

If that fails then you'll have to install them by hand. Run cewl and look for the word I've highlighted in bold

./cewl_1.9.1.rb:61:in `require': no such file to load -- spider (LoadError)

from ./cewl_1.9.1.rb:61:in `<main>'

Then do:

gem install spider

Re-run cewl and install the next gem. Repeat till finished.

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I also *had* the same exact problem as miatech & TAPE when trying to run CeWL in BT 5. The spider gem was causing the following error:-

cewl_1.9.1.rb:61:in `require': no such file to load -- spider (LoadError)
	from cewl_1.9.1.rb:61:in 

Thanks to this thread, Kudos to digininja, I finally fixed the above problem. It turns out I was NOT using Ruby 1.8 but ruby 1.9.2. Changing back to Ver 1.8 sorted the problem.

(Anyone who finds this thread via Google, as I did, looking for a solution to spider (LoadError) check out this page for how to change ruby versions within BT. I hope this helps.)

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