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Backtrack 5 Wifi Problem


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I downloaded bt5 and made it my OS but the problem is that my laptops wireless wifi card has a hotkey on the keyboard to turn it on and off and the hotkey doesn't work when I'm in backtrack. It just stays in the off mode. Any ideas?

Have you tried looking for a compatible driver? I would suggest visiting your laptop's manufacturer and seeing if they have any Linux driver available for your wireless card.

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Windows and Linux have nothing to do with one another via keyboard radio feature. Its a hardware toggle and not a driver issue.

What you can do is, open a terminal and type dmesg. Then press the key combo for the radio, and do a dmesg again to see if anything is picked up. The light might not come on, but enabling and disabling via function key, can sometimes make the card recognized, and then you would have to bring it up manually from there with ifconfig. Once brought up with ifconfig, the light should turn on, but only if it can see the card and has drivers for it already.

You can also do an lspci to see if the device is listed. (You might have to bring the card up manually after starting the radio, even if the light doesn't come on, which is what I have to do with my laptop). Do an "ifconfig -a" and you should see eth0, lo and another one for your wireless, usually wlan0 or ath0, something to that effect. If no wireless is listed, then chances are the card is not detected, or needs proper drivers.

Known, working drivers for specific cards are included, and can be found here - http://www.backtrack-linux.org/wiki/index.php/Wireless_Drivers

Also check the BT forums and do a search for your model and wifi card, if you know the manufacturer of the card or model number. This will help us determine what drivers to try, but until we know what card it is, all we can do is speculate.

All else fails, buy a USB wifi adapter from the list on their wiki, one that is known to work with BT.

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