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Multi Usb Boot


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Hello guys i was wondering if there was a way to boot multiple .iso on a USB. Exactly like YUMI, but the thing is that YUMI has a supported distro list and if your distro isn't on it then you can't do it. Well i'd really appreciate it if someone could help :)

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Just a quick question, what distro's are you trying to use that don't work with YUMI's multiboot?

I've found that it can support stuff that it doesn't officially support, and if it doesn't there

is usually a quick fix for it, if your willing to google the problem.

Then again, I haven't felt the need to update my multiboot drive in a while. Been using Mint, Backtrack, and Puppy for most of my linux needs.

(I stick with Gnome or KDE, I absolutely detest the newer versions of Ubuntu and just update them from an older install.)


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