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Jasager Won't Give Clients An Ip - Why?

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I have no problem with clients connecting to Jasager on the Fon. I see the SSID's they are trying to connect to and their MAC addresses.

However, what I see a lot less, is the Fon providing them with an IP. If ten clients connect then only two or three might be given an IP.

Any ideas why this happens? Thanks.

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Unless you started a dhcp server on Jasager then it doesn't come with one so you'll have to run one on your ICS machine.

I don't want to sound pedantic but there is something I don't understand.

If I connect a client to the Fon then look at its settings it says that the DHCP is (which is the IP of the Fon).

If I have not started a DHCP server on Jasager on on my computer then why would the client claim there is a DHCP server? And how would it receive an IP from the Fon if there is no DHCP?


From http://hak5.org/hack/wifi-pineapple-first-connect

Power up and connect an Ethernet cable between your computer and the router’s. In its stock configuration the WiFi Pineapple is configured with the static IPv4 address of It is also setup to hand out IP addresses in the range via DHCP. If your machine is configured to obtain an IP address automatically you should get something like from it momentarily.

This is what happens - the Fon provides my laptop with an eth0 address of 192.168.1.x. Does this not indicate that my Fon does have a DHCP server?

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Sounds like you have a DHCP server running. Are you sure they are fully authenticating? A client will associate and appear in the list but if it is expecting encryption then it will disassociate fairly quickly so won't get anywhere near asking for an IP address.

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