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Wasp Uav Cyberdrone


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First I would like to appolgize for not posting earlier than this. As you will hopefully see, we've been busy.

A little history: Hak5 did an interview at DEFCON18 (Thanks Darren) with two goofy looking guys and a big yellow airplane.Hak5 episode

This is meant as a status update for that project.

The UAV Drone or WASP (Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform) as we decided to call it, is an autonomous aircraft with multiple cyber warfare capable payloads operated either remotely or via the base station.

We have been hard at work on that big yellow airplane, and have added a few little goodies that might peak your interest.

We've added onboard 4g connectivity, OpenVPN, and a Universal Serial Radio Peripheral (USRP). We said we wanted to add GSM to the plane, and we have.

We have also spent a great deal of time, minaturizing the base station box from a Pelican 1450 case, down to a very small project box. The new base station now has the capability to act as a Wi-Fi access point providing direct connectivity to the onboard payload.

We have since updated our crappy static text webpage, albeit with a wordpress blog, so hopefully you will find it more informative and useful. The WASP Specifcations page has a much more detailed description of the various components and how they inter-connect.


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