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Pineapple Won't Boot?

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I've tried almost everything! I just can't get it to boot! I've tried using an ac adapter that plugs into it and the battery pack that came with it. Still nothing, just that one light to the very right. If i'm lucky then the left light turns on but doesn't flash like it should or broadcast any signal.

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These devices do take some time to boot. And the reason it wont show up the other lights is because (correct me if i'm wrong) one is power, one is "network" and one is "wifi".

You probably don't have an active internet cable plugged in, and you have to remote into it and enable the wifi


Also: http://hak5.org/hack/wifi-pineapple-first-connect

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Urg.. Still nothing

As before, the problem remains. It won't appear on any of my devices "Pineapple" doesn't appear anymore. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

I waited about 30 minutes, from my experiences the pineapple would show the blinking left light in about 20 seconds and pineapple would flash correspondingly on my WiFi receiver. Should I just buy it again?

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