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files stored in wrong directory


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Firts of all, congratulate you for this application!!!

I've noticed a problem with the files it downloads sometimes. I realized that when you launch Pandora's Jar, it creates a folder in the temp directory called "plugtmp" where it stores the Shockwave Flash Object. But sometimes (I still haven't figured out why) it doesn't copy the mp3 file in the temp directory as a "plugtmp*" but in /temp/plugtmp as a file name like this "8653157181033637659", and this causes to loose sync with filenames, because it copies the previous "plugtmp*" file stored in the temp directory and assigns it the actual "group - song.mp3" name instead of copying the correct one (which was stored incorrectly in /temp/plugtmp). Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Is there any solution for this?

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