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How To Set Up A New Proxy Server

Suren white hat

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ii want to set up a oqn proxy web server ? php Proxy prefered ? Anyone got ideas ? I need tutorial ? and how to`s Thanks in advance ...!!

Very simple to set up, all you need are:

1) Apache (webserver, http://apache.org)

2) PHP (interpreter, http://php.net)

3) OpenSSL (openSSL, http://openSSL.org)

4) An operating system like Windows or Linux.

1st set up Apache with PHP, this article has a nice walk through


2sd, setting up OpenSSL with Apache.


Once you have the above set up and configured, drop in the PHproxy files into a directory in Apache where you can access it from outside.

Good luck..

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Glad could help, if you need further assistance do not hesitate. Good luck...

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