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Learning To Script


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I am interested in learning to script, specifically to make little scripts for my Cisco Router. What would be good resources to look at? Would I need to know a specific computer language? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I would suggest Python and PHP, very flexible and easy to learn. Now if you want to do a bit more than scripting like proper programming than learn C.

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I would recommend you start with python. It is a very nice language with a lot of cool features, such as lambda functions. In my opinion, php is dirty and teaches bad habits, so I recommend holding off on that until you learn C (after python.) C++ is another dirty, dirty language, but C++ proficiency is a valuable skill. I would hold off on learning C++ for a little while though, mostly because it can be extremely discouraging. If you are interested in something totally different, check out erlang. I've recently started using erlang regularly, and I really like some of the things it lets me do. To sum up the above wall of text, start with python.

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