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Limited Connectivity

Suren white hat

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In my office , we use 2003 server , In one of the client OS Crashed So , i fornatted the disk and installed new os in that , Then i installed LAN Drivers , and all other essential drivers , i restarted ..then also it said limited Connectivity, And my server is DHCP Configured , Some People told me to restart the SERVER , then only server will release a new Leased IP From DHCP and i have done it ...But no response ..Still the niggga computer, did not connct to the network...i never used 2003 server , and this problem i faced in the first day..

sO Do i have to make any changes in the Configurations of ACTIVE DIRECTORY USERS AND COMPUTERS ...am the only one admin in my office i need t fix the issue ASAP...THANKS FOR ADVANCE

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Why did you wipe the machine just from a crash?

Is this a domain network, or normal lan setup? If its a domain, did you join the computer to the domain after reinstalling, or is it using the default network settings from a fresh install? When you say it cant connect to internet but is connected to the lan, what is the IP address on the workstation. Do an ipconfig and tell us the address. If it starts with 169.254.x.x then its not getting an address from DHCP and cant speak to anyone else on the network. Check all cables, even the NIC might be bad, and make sure you can ping the domain controller, and make sure you can join the domain. Once you can ping the domain controller, see if you can ping google. If you can't resolve the names, then you need to check the DNS settings, or if the DNS server is down, but that should affect everyone on the network as well.

If you formatted and reinstalled, the first time you logon to the domain, you need to use the domain admin login to join the workstation to the domain, reboot, then you can login with normal user logins.

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You should be able to check the "Details" of the connection in windows and look for any errors. It will tell you what is wrong or what isn't working properly.

Side note: don't need the offensive language and unnecessary caps lock.

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1) Check your DHCP settings, make sure they are correct and your DHCP server is authorized to lease IP addresses.

2) Check all the network connections, between your server and the workstations.

3) If you have an ADSL modem, make sure the DHCP service is turned off or it will conflict with your DC DHCP service

4) Checked the network drivers on your workstation, and make sure its obtaining a valid IP address.

Good luck... Broooo

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Just out of interest when on the machine you reinstalled what do you get when you run

ipconfig /all

Is its IP address in the correct subnet (if it starts 169. then it hasn't picked up its details from your DHCP server.

Check that the DNS servers are correct.

If everything looks OK there then try doing

nslookup www.google.coom

See if it can resolve it.

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Digip# Dude ...i have actuallly don kno how to SAY...How am thankfull to you..!! Bro this problem resists from 4 days before , i am so embarrased everytime the person come and report that INTERNET Is Connecting in his Computer.....But i have SOLVED THE ISSUE RIGHT NOW.....ITS all Because only of your Rebuttals...!!! THAK YOU THANK YOU SO MUC...Am wondering to ask are u in any in SOCIAL NETWORKING ???? I really want to be ur Friend

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guys i have resolved the Issue...!!! I just startted to read the Digip Commands , then i went to The Client Computers , to Check the Misconfigs. and i found thte flaw and i fixed it....oh MY HANDS FULL OF THANKS To all the Other NERDS Who Helped me to SOLVE THE ISSUE ALTHOUGH

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