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Wathd Tv On Mac


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Hey everybody,

I want to watch TV on my macbook pro. So I stubbled on this product : http://www.elgato.com/elgato/int/mainmenu/products/tuner/hybrid08/product1.en.html.

It costs 130€ (+/- 185$), so I was wondering if anybody here knows any other products that are better, or cheaper. or even free online solutions ?

Thanks a lot in advance,

regards niels

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If its TV Tuner capabilities you need, then buy the product. If its streaming you seek, try Netflix, Hulu, or the television networks sites themselves, as they often offer full episodes streaming from their sites. If you live in a country that can't access Netflix or Hulu, then you might need a VPN service to tunnel around ip country blocking. Or, be old fashioned, and watch TV, on fancy that, a TV.

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To watch live stream TV, you will definitely need a TV card or USB tuner. On a side note, you should do a bit of shopping around to find a cheaper deal. Like on Ebay or Newegg.com.

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