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Everse Relay?

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I've been trying to Relay services from multiple computers to 1 main server.

What I made is something like this.



# ncat -l [relay port] -c 'ncat [client address] [service port];


# ssh user@[server address] -p [relay port];

Using this the user will be able to ssh in to the client computer without having to know the clients specific address/port.

While this works great you still need a service like dyndns & setup port forwarding to be able to do this.

I would like to create a script that does the same but using the principe of a reverse shell,

enabling the user to connect to the service from the server.

Reverse Shell:


# ncat [server address] [port] -e '/bin/bash';


# ncat -l --broker [port];


# ncat [server address] [port];

This is a similar solution however only for ssh and isn't secure, doesn't have tab completion,...

Does anyone know a good solution for my problem?

Obviously it doesn't have to use ncat, however I would prefer a cross platform solution...


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