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Methods For Bridging Between Pineapple Clients And Internet?

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I have a question about the bridging.

The Pineapple can provide all clients with IP addresses. This happens when the Pineapple operates as a DHCP server.

Those clients want Internet access. To do this you (the Pineapple owner) need to have an Internet connection.

The Pineapple is connected to your laptop through Ethernet. Now you need to connect to the Internet yourself.

AIUI this can happen in three ways: via wireless, via a 'phone, and via mobile broadband.

Wireless means you need to have a connection e.g. be at a cafe. (I think I read somewhere that wireless was not recommended but I cannot find the thread and I cannot remember why it was considered inadvisable if this actually is the case).

'Phone means you are using your Nokia (or whatever) as a modem. Presumably people who do this have unlimited data so are not charged. Whenever I use my 'phone for data (just checking websites on the phone - not connected to my laptop) the Internet is slow (even with EDGE). I don't understand why anyone would use this option - wouldn't all the clients have very slow connections?

Mobile broadband means you will rapidly use up all your data (if you are using pay as you go broadband). If five people are connecting through you and using torrents or Youtube then the data will rapidly diminish.

So what is suggested and why?

Many thanks!

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Depends on what you want to offer and to how many people.

I've an unlimited 3G modem so I would connect through that, same with my phone but if I were in a place which provided an internet connection then I would probably use that.

I would avoid letting people take lots of data through it, you can use firewall rules to block torrents and DNS rules to hide things like youtube.

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