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The Ultimate Fonera Hack 2.0


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I wanted to show off an upgrade to my "handheld WiFi pentesting device" I wrote about some time ago.

It's a fonera 1.0 router with an attached color LCD touchscreen, crammed together in a 150 mm x 100 mm x 28 mm box with an external lithium battery pack.



It certainly is handheld, but it doesn't do much pentesting yet, just some basic DoS attacks with mdk3 and Jasager of course :).

I have finished the hardware some time ago and hoped to make more software before I release it to the Internet.

Unfortunately, my main problems were lack of time (as always :P) and very limited resources of the fonera - it runs out of RAM easily and crashes a lot.

So right now I'm considering doing a RAM upgrade before continuing with this project.

More info and photos on my blog: http://emerythacks.blogspot.com/

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