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How Redirect Traffic From Jasager Passing My Mac

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Hey everybody,

I recently received my Jasager. And now I experimenting with it but I don't know the device very well yet.

I was wondering if I could connect the jasager with his ethernet interface to my Mac.

And then let the traffic comming from the Jasager make advantage from my wireless ethernet connect from my mac.

So I can sniff the packets comming threw. I know this is possible but could some one give me some advise on how to start.

Because the Wiki is down and I can't get any information from there.

Thanks a lot in advance

Grts, Niels

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It is quite easy as ICS is built into OSX.

You do however make your pineapple listen on (that being your osx machine), you can set the pineapple to, with the default route set to

As far as I know, it is not easily possible to change the ip.

It is fairly simple and works out of the box on the mac side.


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