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Internet Connection Sharing On A 192.168.0.x Network

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I've sucessfully used my pineapple at coffee shops in the past but it died, so I ordered a new on from Darren at Hak5. I'm re-setting up my laptop for Internet Connection Sharing using the my new pineapple. The question I have is: How do you configure your 2 NICS if your wifi hotspot is using a 192.168.0.x network? Most networks use 192.168.1.x which works fine but when you configure Windows XP for ICS, it auto assigns the second NIC to which conflicts with the gateway of the wifi hotspot's gateway. I've tried manually changing my sendondary NIC to but I it appears that Windows doesn't like you to change it from the auto assigned address of needed for ICS. How do I get around this?



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